Eric Vasquez


Hometown: Pomona, CA

Greatest Passion: Family, sports, faith & hip-hop

Cool Fact: I love to read & learn new things daily


Angie Flores

Creative Director

Hometown: Fontana, CA

Greatest Passion: Thrifting, eating & traveling

Cool Fact: I have traveled to nine countries


Deanna Meza

On-Point Coordinator/Mentor

Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Greatest Passion: To become a counselor and voice over artist

Cool Fact: I can do cartoon impersonations


Maya Wilkerson

Student Intern


Daniel Moreno


Hometown: Victorville, CA

Passion: Faith, working with youth, and new adventures.

Interesting Fact: In 2018 I was on live TV for the first time.


Tremale Ratcliffe

On Point Supervisor

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Greatest Passion: Giving back to the youth here in our city and our community. I also have a passion for detailing vehicles as a way of self-care.

Cool Fact: I’m a well-known city of Pomona leader and community advocate.


John McKellar

Mentor Supervisor

Hometown: Three Rivers, CA

Greatest Passion: I struggled as a teen so I am passionate about giving back to students as youth workers did to me

Cool Fact: I sing and play guitar


Amanda Morales

PAC’D Program Coordinator/Mentor

Hometown: Northeast Los Angeles

Greatest Passion: Helping others build confidence

Cool Fact: Love Hiking and Camping


Anna Landeros Guillen

College Intern + Mentor

Hometown: Savannah, Georgia

Greatest Passion: Encouraging others & being a wife

Cool Fact: I graduated from school in Italy!


Paul Hudak

Director of Operations + Community Development

Hometown: Whittier, CA

Greatest Passion: Working with youth & playing sports.

Cool Fact: I’m colorblind


Karen Cacao

On-Point Mentor + Data Coordinator

Hometown: Ontario, CA

Greatest Passion: My greatest passion in life is to help others see the light within themselves. "I believe that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." M. Russell Ballard. We need more people to believe in the good of others and empower them to action.

Cool Fact: I love running marathons!

Ines Vasquez

Org Administrator


Ashley Meneses

Mentor Program Coordinator

Hometown: Pomona, CA

Greatest Passion: Art

Cool Fact: I love animals


Shantee McKellar

Finance + HR

Hometown: Pomona, CA

Greatest Passion: Scrapbooking, papercrafting, my children, and helping others

Cool Fact: I have been in 19 car accidents, as a passenger (with my parents driving in all)


Michelle Guevara


Hometown: Chino Hills, CA

Greatest Passion: Working with parents + their youths. I believe that youths are our future leaders + that with support, they will lead successful lives + lead by example, and inspire and motivate the next generation. I am passionate about working with parents as well because they are the role models that these future leaders have and look up to.

Cool fact: I am the first person in my family to graduate from a 4 year university and have a degree. #sisepuede


Cesar Ibarra

Media Student Intern


Hennessy Woods

Student Intern

Hometown: Pomona California.

Greatest Passion: I love Working with kids and being an example for them. Also to show that anything is possible.

Fun Fact: I love writing, being a leader for others, and I have a huge heart for animals.