We exist to mentor urban youth to revitalize their communities.

Our vision is to mentor youth in urban communities around the world.

By 2023 we will expand our work into surrounding urban communities.



We believe:

Every young person needs to be seen, heard, & believed in.

Every young person deserves quality mentoring.

We believe in accompaniment.

To accompany someone is to go somewhere with him or her, to break bread together, to be present on a journey with a beginning and an end.” There's an element of mystery, of openness, of trust, in accompaniment. When you accompany someone you say, “I'll go with you and support you on your journey wherever it leads. I'll share your fate for a while-- and by "a while," I mean a long while. Accompaniment is about sticking with a task until it's deemed completed –not by the one accompanying, but by the person being accompanied. Accompaniment often, though not exclusively, occurs in communities that are struggling with various collective traumas, including poverty. Those who commit to this value decide to forego their usual safe enclosure apart from those in need: “To 'opt for the suffering' and thus accompanying the person in their life, death, and struggle for survival"